Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The train

This morning I decided to take the train instead of the car (ok I don't actually take the car, I sit in the passengers seat with my coffee at hand and wait until we are at destination work) which turned out to be quite challenging. I made a plan to take the bus, buy some coffee and then sit all relaxed in the train while reading the morning paper....that's not what happend. First of all my busstop was temorarily out of service, due to the yearly end of Summer festivities. I had to walk (10 minutes) to another busstop. After my unexpected morning walking exercise, I arrived at the new stop, where about 20 annoyed people were waiting for a late bus. In the end, the bus did stop at the initial busstop I was waiting at and I had to make a run to catch the relaxing moment in between. And no coffee. Tomorrow I'll go back to my routine: passengers seat, coffee, relaxing :)

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Priscilla Joy said...

Oh sweetie! How wonderful it would be to all drive to work together in the morning. Just to catch up and have some coffee!!! Hope I can visit soon!


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