Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Do you have them?

So it´s cold out there and scarves and jackets and hot tea and soup are my best friends...and Uggs are out there. I don´t have Uggs. Firstly I didn´t have them because I thought they were ugly. Then I considered them last winter when it was freezing cold and slippery. Then my ugg-lover friend slipped 3 times in a row on them (my sign to not buy them). And now I just don´t have them. Do you?

Garance posted this hilarious video about them, it is really funny. Makes me wonder...


Anonymous said...

You should only pick trends that suit you and Uggs don't suit me so I never bought them, some people look great wearing them I don't, I think my legs are too short ahahha

Xxx Eve

With love... said...

Have some (we all know how I freeze to death when it goes below 15 degrees celcious.....there was just no other option...) Chic? Not at all. (thus you can imagine my desperation for wearing them). This year....get some wellington boots. (even I got a pair....for a four day trip to NYC....just in case it rain) (I know, I am odd, but yeah....what to do).


Have a great day.


I'm the same as you. Never bought them. Last year I did consider it though because I was spending a lot of time in MN for work and it was cold! :)

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