Friday, 20 April 2012

Bedtime stories

Happy Friday everyone! Almost weekend! I am looking forward to relax and hang out in my bed as I have been walking around with a cold for a couple of days now (started the days after I came back from the sun and stepped into the cold). In between hanging out, I am attending a 30th birthday bash of a friend, so I think my plans are set :). Have a great weekend!


With love... said...

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the parties. Big hug (love the bedroom). xx

Sweet darling. said...

Have a wonderful weekend :)
and get better !!!

classiq said...

Get some rest and have a great weekend!


Rest up and feel better! xoxo

Maria at inredningsvis said...

OMG so lovely post:) I really like your blog and I will follow.
If you want some swedish country inspiration you can check out my blog:)
Have a awsome weekend.

LOVE Maria at

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