Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Istanbul #1

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am back from an amazing city trip to Istanbul! The weather was so nice (here in Amsterdam Spring has a new meaning to it as it 9 degrees) and the people, the food, the shopping, but most especially the city is most impressing. Old and new mix together, including beautiful mosques and buildings on the one side and the most amazing shops, restaurants and bars on the other. I´ll share my pictures with you soon. Here some of my first impressions! xoxo

view from the waters of Bosphorus

view from the terrace of 360

view from the park in Sultanahmet (old part)


Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see all your pictures! Xxx Eve

classiq said...

Istanbul is an amazing city. I went there a few years ago and I was truly impressed by the food, by the sights, culture and the exoticism of the place.

With love... said...

Wow, love it. How was it? Can't wait to see the other photos.
Aruba was very nice, as always.

AnoBanO said...

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