Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Now and then

The suit never goes out of style, can be super elegant, chic, feminine and simple. I find it hard to find the perfect suit and end up with half of it (either the blazer, blouse or pants), but just love Mrs Jagger in hers. What do you think?

Pictures from Pinterest edited by me


Ballet Pumps And Roses said...

I have never worn one but I think on the right person it can look great.




Anna said...

Ahh now this is a post I can relate too! I used to have to wear lots of suits for work in Parliament and got most of mine tailored in Thailand - wide leg flared white suit I owned was my fav so loving these pics :)

Anna xo


I love the look of a woman in a suit. Bianca wore them so well, didn't she? :) xoxo

With love... said...

Wonderful Odes. xx love the look.

classiq said...

The tuxedo is one of the key pieces in a woman's wardrobe. It's hard to find the perfect one, but when you do you know you can't go wrong with it. xo

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