Thursday, 5 September 2013

Today {Improvements}

Happy Friday everyone! This week I am grateful to have such good friends that I can talk to even though we might not be in the same place or in the same stages of life. We usually chat about pretty much everything (as all girlfriends do) and evaluate life and all its blessings and shortcomings in a realistic way. I am always for living in the now and let the past be what it is, but always taking the experiences with me for future reference. I am slowly building a quote moodboard, as I've notice it gives me the energy and emotional boost I need to start or finish my day with. I also love to read quotes from others as it tell a story about what your creativity, goals, dreams or simply status in life is at that moment. Here are some of the quotes I came across this morning that I'd like share with you. Have a wonderful, inspirational weekend!

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Priscilla Joy said...

Have a great weekend Odes. And call, skype, fly-over any time you need.
You have a home on this side of the world too.

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