Friday, 2 December 2011

Where did my hours go?

Almost weekend....and so many plans! Ever since I I got my new phone (6 days now), I kind of forgot to transfer my appointments and notes. Which is not good, as I found out this morning that I am double booked this weekend! It starts tonight, when I go dancing, but also have an appointment with my sister. Then Saturday...hysteria..will spare you the details as I´m still figuring out what to do. Sunday is manageable, but fully booked: I´ll start of with yoga, go home zen and then have to rush for an afternoon tea Birthday party, drive to a dinner and end the weekend with a comedy show that starts somewhere in the Monday at 6.30AM my alarm clock will skip a day....Enjoy the weekend!

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Anna said...

Gosh it does sound like you had a busy weekend - there is nothing worse than not having your appointments and bookings organised - it happened to me when I got my new phone just recently too. I double booked myself a few times. Hope you had a great weekend! :)

Anna xo

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