Wednesday, 7 March 2012


During the workweek, I almost have take no time for a good solid breakfast. Instead, I drink some water, have a bite of fruit and run off with my coffee at hand to fetch the train. At work, I get hungry of course (within 20 minutes after arrival) and have to eat something in order to keep calm and stay nice (I get a bit irritated when not fed properly...sorry). In the weekends, it is totally opposite: I take time to make fruit/veggie juices, have some eggs, make bread, sit at the table and enjoy. Why can´t I have that everyday?


Lola said...

I am the same, all I have is a piece of fruit and cereal bar, that breakfast looks SO good and is making my stomach rumble!! X

With love... said...

Honey!!! Wake up 20min earlier and a huge breakfast you can have. I make a huge, omelet, OJ, toast breakfast for 2 each morning. Its great. (ohhh did I mention the espresso.....before the breakfast....totally helps).

Hamburg??? I am so jealous.


I agree! During the week I start off with hot lemon water followed by a green smoothie and I drink both of these as I'm getting ready to leave for work. Oh how I look forward to the leisurely weekend brunches :) xoxo

Bonnie said...

I love eating breakfast for dinner. Is that weird?
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Punctuation Mark said...

this is making me think of sunday brunch

RaindropsofSapphire said...

That looks yummy! Hopefully you can stop by my blog :) :)

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