Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Happy Tuesday everyone! After a fabulous party on Sunday, I still feel the need to relax and sleep for a week or two. Unfortunately I have to wait until the weekend to take that long nap, so I have to make sure to keep my energy levels up (extra vitamins and loads of coffee) and stay warm.

To cheer me up at work, my colleague, who knows I am obsessed with macarons, suprised me the other day by gifting me this super sweet, homemade, macaron key chain! It is so cool, love the polkadots, and you can open it up and store a coin or two in it! Isn´t it adorable?!


Iza said...

Hello! WOW! Your blog is so lovely. I liked it. Congrats!! I have a fashion blog and... how about we follow each other?? Kisses!!



What a lovely co-worker!!! Such a wonderful gift. Rest up and feel better! xoxo

Punctuation Mark said...

that is such a nice detail!

Anna said...

What a lovely work colleague you have - its always so nice when people are looking out for you. Plus that key chain is adorable :)

Anna xo


With love... said...

So cute

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