Friday, 17 February 2012

Make room

The week went by so fast...before you know it, you can relax again from a week of work!!
My intentions are simple: no shopping! I work four steps away from the city centre and it has been hard not to peek during my lunchbreaks (let alone not buy). I think I need a break (just a small one). Instead, I will clean up my closed and see what I can live without. Hope you have an excellent weekend!


classiq said...

Oh, I know how many of my lunch breaks end up with a visit to the stores. :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

With love... said...

Hmmm found my dream closet! How splendid. ;)

Hope you guys had fun last night. I miss these dinners. xx

Tesa said...

nice post!


What I would do for a closet like that!!! Happy weekend, sweetie. :) xoxo

Melissah from Scrapbook said...

What a perfect space - I love all the pastels!

Ali Rodriguez said...

I love this photo, such an inspiration for my future!

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