Friday, 14 December 2012

Point of View

Happy Friday! Another week (only a few left until the new year) has past by so fast that I sometimes forget the days. I even have my monthly read of magazines untouched on my bedstand. Is the end of the year always such a busy time? I do love all the dinners and drinks you have with friends, family and collegues, but is it something about not knowing what next year will bring you, which makes it seem so urgent, more joyful and intense? I will explore and report back. Enjoy the weekend!


Irina said...


Little Rus said...

I was hoping to sign off for holidays this week, but still got so much to do. No time to think of parties and fun yet. :)

classiq said...

I can honestly say that I wish I were there! I've already had enough of this cold. As wonderful as it is, this is also the busiest time of year. xo

With love... said...

Hopefully the new year will bring loads of days with these views.

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