Monday, 19 March 2012

Fresh and sweet

Happy start of the week! As Spring is really on its way, I started to drink more fresh and light teas. I have been drinking Sweet Chai a lot to warm me up during the cold days, but am now more in the mood for some green lemon and blueberry teas. Keeps you fresh throughout the day :) xoxo


classiq said...

I've been drinking lots of teas lately too. But I can't quite give up my latte yet. That is a lovely table arrangement. :)

With love... said...

Have a gorgeous week darling!! xx

ijinku said...

Instead of Chai in the morning (which is my usual drink), I started drinking green tea with a bit of fresh lemon juice and it's great!

Anonymous said...

Odes! Found a perfect place to drink Chai here in Hamburg :) I will show you when you are here! Xxx Eve

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