Thursday, 14 June 2012


Happy Friday, the weekend is nearby! I can't wait to close down my laptop and focus on anything not related to work (if only for a few days). This weekend is filled with movies, a train trip to Groningen, watching football and maybe some sun....maybe yes, as the warmth of yesterday changed into wind and rain this morning. So one can only hope it changes back. Hope you have a great weekend!


classiq said...

Sounds like a good plan. Enjoy your weekend! xo


Have fun! Sounds like a great weekend on tap. I'm excited to shut the laptop down too. It used to stress me to be unplugged for a whole weekend but I'm really learning to love the away time :)


With love... said...

Have a wonderful weekend Odes.
Big hug xx

Punctuation Mark said...

Have a lovely weekend!

Anna said...

What a GORGEOUS print that is - I can see it fitting in nicely in to my home :) Your weekend sounds lovely though, I hope the rain cleared up and the sun made its appearance.

Anna xo

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