Tuesday, 10 July 2012

(Emerald) green

I love green accessories. I almost never wear them (read: don't have them), but think I will change my colors up a little bit (part of decluttering is also realizing what you don't have, haha) and love these:

Edited by me



It's such a gorgeous color. I have an emerald ring that I adore. Happy Tueday! xoxo

Ann said...

I know what you mean,
I love greens too
but why don't I have green accessories? I have a turquoise art ring... but that's not green.

With love... said...

Oh they are gorgeous Odes. xx

Anna said...

To be honest I love almost ALL colours - especially as accessories, as then the colours can jazz up any outfit - but Green is gorgeous to single out :) Especially the greens you've showcased here!

Anna xo

classiq said...

Emerald is one of my favourite shades of green, very elegant.

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