Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Spice it up!

Happy Tuesday everyone! As I mentioned (many, many times), winter is coming. Everything changes: the way we dress, the products we use on our body and face, our activities, what we eat and sometimes even what we drink. During the Spring and Summer, I love to have some lemon green tea or add red fruits to my drinks, but now not so much. To feel warm and avoid coughs and the flu, I transferred to ginger and lemon, chai and chamomile tea. Anything spicy will do. This morning I tried a new morning juice (got most of the recipe from here): grapefruit, lemon, a banana and some spinach topped with cayenne peper. It was soo good, energizing and warm (peper will do that for you).


With love... said...

Oh wow, that sounds delicious. Will try it too.

Little Rus said...

I love my raw juices, too, but I prefer them as is, without spices. :)

classiq said...

I have to try that drink. :)

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