Monday, 4 February 2013

Ready set go

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was fun, had a girls night and the rest was all about relaxing. I did start with Homeland and am officially addicted. There is just the right amount of plotting, action and sensation to make you fully hooked and wanting for more. This week will be super busy, so it is a nice way to relax and wander off.


Punctuation Mark said...

Happy Monday!!! Homeland is definitely an addiction!!!

classiq said...

I knew you'd love Homeland. Have a great week!

Little Rus said...

This picture makes me crave a cup of coffee... :)
Have a wonderful week!

Rebecca Ragionieri said...

Buon weekend (: Reb, xoxo.

*Fammi sapere cosa ne pensi delle mie nuove sneakers:

With love... said...

Have a splendid week darling xx
Beautiful photograph.

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