Friday, 15 March 2013

Don't let me down

Happy Friday everyone! The last couple of days went so fast that I can't believe it's already weekend. This week has not been one of the best, so am happy to leave this one behind and look for a much better one next week! Leaving you with this phenomenal performance of Solange (can you tell I'm a fan?) that brings a smile to my face (even though it's not necessarily a happy song). Have a wonderful weekend!

from Youtube

Some of my favorite Yogi teas: Ginger Lemon, Green Energy and Detox


Natalia A said...

Enjoy your weekend, darling! Hope next week will be a better one. x

Marina said...

I love Yogi teas.. I have two boxes, woman's fitnees and choco aztec - something like that. Yumi! :)

Priscilla Joy said...

Odes, hope you had an amazing weekend.

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