Monday, 11 March 2013

Match Monday

Happy Monday! The weekend started of with some winter weather and is still around for a few more days. All things warm are welcome, including a nice warm breakfast before taking my commute to work. I have been meaning to try matcha tea for a while now, but still haven't found it yet (ok, haven't really searched for it either). It supposed to be the super tea of all greens, so am very curious and probably in need of it to keep my healthy with this freezing temperatures. Have a great week!

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Priscilla Joy said...

Enjoy the week Odes. Keep warm. I hear it it snowing over there :)

classiq said...

It's spring in this part of the world. :) Happy Monday!

Marina said...

I know it's healthy, but I am not really into green :D I think I have to change that!

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