Monday, 4 November 2013

Winter gear

Happy Monday everyone! In order to fight against coughs and colds, I have been upping my vitamin intake, wearing my pre- winter coats (the coats you want to wear in the winter, but simple are too thin), exchanged the fabrics of my scarfs and staying more in. Here are some of my favorites during the "inside season":

1) Tea (of course): at the moment the teas of Betjeman & Barton are equally appreciated as the Yogi teas.
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2) Reading books: my fall list contains of thrillers, mindfulness and magazines (ok not really books, but some are quite huge).
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3) Dinner and drinks with friends: the more the merrier. My favorite dishes are savory, filling and healthy dishes with loads of veggies. As for the drinks, I am a sucker for a nice glass of red or a cocktail.
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4) Visiting museums: as the rain makes it less desirable to walk the street, it is nice to walk viewing art while chatting along with your favorite people.

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5) Movies! Or series! Recently been visiting the theatre more often or simple watch a dvd from the home library and just relax.

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6) Online shopping: never gets boring, is easy as it doesn't require facing the cold streets.

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Priscilla Joy said...

Great List Odes!!
All ready for winter!

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