Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Beginnings

Happy new year all! I hope you had a good weekend with loads of champagne, food and laughter. I do not really do new years resolutions, but as I have planned some activities for this year, they made me rethink my current situation. 2010 was a heavy, but beautiful year at the same time. But I like change.....

So my plan is to actually go to the gym (did you know I have a gym next to my house...as in 10 steps away?!), try to cut down spending to travel more (so less shopping..ahum), learn how to take proper photographs (so I can take my own and show it to you), try to deal with not having a car in a couple of months (I cannot deal, but I have to), of course spend more time with my lovely family and friends, keep wearing heels (no matter what they say) and enjoy life!

I wish you all the best for this year and good luck with all you want to achieve!

Louboutins are a must!

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