Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I am not very good with sweaters, but they seem to be making a statement this year. I wear the occasional turtleneck (because it is cold and looks rather chic),  vests, jumpers, jerseys, waistcoast or blazers, but sweater-sweaters have never been a thing. But now I begin to really fancy them as they look warm, chic and comfortable. What do you think?


With love... said...

Hey Odes, great post. Was gonna through my winter stuff yesterday (its gonna be freezing in nyc) and my mom got me a sweater from NL as well. Think I will try to keep warm that way.

You always look chic though!

Have a great day.

classiq said...

A grey sweater is always elegant. I can never have too many of those and every year I add yet another one to my wardrobe. :)

The PvdH Journal said...

I wear a lot of sweaters on a daily basis to work (simple cashmere). But like you I rarely wear on my 'non uniform' days, but definitely loving the current trend. I love the really xmassy ones!


Love them! I can't ever get enough. I already have a closet full but I can't help myself from buying more :) xoxo

sylvie sourit said...

More and more sweaters. I never have enought. Each one is different, not the same wool, not the same color, not the same design...Some of them are very warm, others are only for the evening in spring (my favorit). I really loooove the sweaters in lambswool, basic color, and leather pieces on the elbows.

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