Monday, 19 December 2011

Bangle bangle

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was great! Mine was busy, but fun. Christmas shopping was hectic and I still haven't finished (it was simply too busy, so I decided to go for a high tea instead), so I will explore the internet and hope for a fast delivery. Enjoy you week :)



Do you know in between all the madness I had to go for a little downtime myself and had a ginger fig martini at the Gramercy Park Hotel :)

Happy Monday! xoxo

With love... said...

High tea sounds divine.
Have a great week sweetie.

designchic said...

The perfect way to relax...great image!!

classiq said...

It's a crazy period this one, so I prefer to do my shopping early, so that now I can enjoy the holiday spirit and not the crowds and loud music in the stores. The internet is a good option. Have a wonderful week!

Punctuation Mark said...

most of my shopping has been online... the best to avoid the crowds!

Anna said...

I love that Chrissy shopping was just too hard so you took yourself to high tea instead (I'm so doing this next year!!) Hope you get it all done stress free and in time :)

Anna xo

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