Monday, 2 January 2012

Where´s the T?

Happy Tuesday everyone! My workweek started today after 8 days(!!!) of personal freedom. I must say, it was really nice to relax, shop, party and chill. I also had time to watch some series over my break (the Kennedy´s, New Girl, the Rachel Zoe Project and Pan Am) and  have to get back to the real world now. Good to know that taking some time, can really pull you into another dimension :)


With love... said...

Time off: surely the best way to regain some strenght. Hope you are enjoying your return to the office.


the nyanzi report said...

happy new year to you. all the best.

rolala said...

An an escape from reality can be such a wonderful thing. Happy 2012 and enjoy your first day back at work.


Time away can be the best, can't it? You come back refreshed and revived :)

Happy new year, sweetie! xoxo

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