Monday, 23 July 2012


Happy Monday! Hope you had an amazing weekend. Yesterday, summer (finally) decided to show up, which made my weekend complete! I started the weekend of with a date to the Dark Knight Rises (a must see!) and can only say I ate enough for an entire week: I had some amazing indian food with collegues and the cutest high tea at my friends house. This week I try to be more healthy :). Have a great week!


Anna said...

AHHHHH that mini cupcake looks positively divine - and exactly what I feel like right now!! I can't believe how darling that high tea set up is at your friends house & that Indian food looks moutwatering. Lots of food indeed (sounds exactly like my weekend).
p.s Your comment made me soooooooo excited :) :) Eek. NOW...the sun just has to stay out for the next 3 weeks for when we arrive!

Anna xo

With love... said...

Wow this looks splendid!

Have a lovely week. xx

Punctuation Mark said...

I'm going to see the movie over the week... I hate the crowds at the movie theater... Haha!

Roselie said...

I love indian food and I adore high tea! I want to see the movie too, at the first chance I get!

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