Friday, 1 March 2013

Dries de Paris

Happy Friday everyone! As I am enjoying my latest editions of magazines, I wish I could be there for Paris Fashion week. It is the combination of the city, the designers, the clothes...the food...everything. As I follow the bloggers that are lucky enough the be invited, I forget that we are connected until the real world slaps you in the face and you realize that you are by the internet closely connected, but still far away from the real deal. I feel lucky we have the opportunity to sneak peak and don't have to wait until it is out on paper :). Have a great weekend!

Some amazing looks from the Dries van Notes RTW Fall/Winter 2013 show:


Natalia A said...

Oh yes, seeing one of the shows in Paris or Milan would be a dream. Still we are quite lucky to have an opportunity to watch live streams (talking front row here, not somewhee at the back :) ) and see photos and details.
I've adored Dries for years. There's always something in his collections that I love.

Classiq said...

I like that we are able to see online all the collections, and especially the details, but I think that just being there and feeling the atmosphere around a show is an exciting experience. I love Dries van Noten too. Have a wonderful weekend!

Punctuation Mark said...

I daydream about being there too... It must be amazing!!!

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