Friday, 21 June 2013

Mid-year review

Happy Friday! I have been in this weird place all week, where I feel a combination of gratitude and sadness all at once. Signs where popping up everywhere (on Garance Dore's blog and on Kris Carr's for example) which triggered everything even more. The last half year have been life changing for me in terms of relationships (work, love, friends and family). I feel like I am on this detox and trying to create a healthy, stable environment for myself: I changed jobs, made more effort to keep in touch with my friends and evaluated my purpose in life. It is a work-in-progress situation that is never finished, done or too late to work on. So this weird place I am in right now, is like a mid-year review at work: what are the goals you have set up for yourself?, how much is met so far?, what are the goals for the future?, etc.

One of the first results was that (as the sales started), I should treat myself to a shopping spree as a reward :)Have a great weekend!

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Punctuation Mark said...

i feel your pain this week... thank god the weekend is here and we can take a breather!

Priscilla Joy said...

It is a continuous piece of work. But I am sure it will all be absolutely splendid Odes. xx

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